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A Place For Everybody


True inclusion comes from a wide range of activities, in our experience taking a broad range of topics and building a programme that will appeal to all employees no matter what their current views or life stage. 


Helping to break down barriers and importantly building knowledge of key subjects is vital to creating a truly inclusive culture

We have experience of building comprehensive inclusion plans and can support in the design and implementation of a plan. 


We also have free links and recommendations to some excellent inclusion specialist speakers.

Working Together
Business Colleagues

A Range of All Inclusive Activities

As part of the overall inclusion strategy we designed a calendar of events to start the discussion and to raise awareness and knowledge


This involved sessions such as:

  • Detangling Bias from the Workplace

  • The Importance of Language

  • Empowering Effective LGBTQ+ Allies in the Workplace

  • Talking Mental Health

  • Understanding and Accepting Disability in the Workplace

  • Wellbeing

  • Menopause

  • Men’s Health – Prostate Cancer

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