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A Bit About Us

About Kingdom Consultancy

Here at Kingdom HR Consultancy, we offer a wide range of HR support, from advice on specific cases to designing and assisting in the implementation of HR strategic projects.

Whether you are running a business and need some additional HR strategic support or whether you are an individual looking to advance your career we can help.


Our team have experience in a variety of HR topics and can be the professional and strategic HR support you need.

Hayley Kingdom

Hayley Kingdom

Founder and CEO

Having worked in some dynamic and driven organisations I have been fortunate to have an HR seat at the table and to influence business performance.  This has come through extensive HR strategy and addressing the things that really matter to a business. 

A combination of brilliant HR basics, systems, policies and processes combined with an ambitious cultural strategy has proven to be a winning combination on many occasions.

For those businesses that don’t have the luxury of having an in-house HR team it can mean that HR support and guidance, Learning and Development, Inclusion, Reward strategy and Processes can be missed meaning the slower growth journey for your business.

I started Kingdom HR Consultancy to support those businesses and to offer a service where we take the time to get to know your business and it’s demands and ambitions and to help with the barriers and obstacles that can get in the way.

Everybody that supports your business will feel like an extension of your leadership team and will bring passion to delivering what matters to you.

The other element of our business and a gap that I have seen throughout my career is a focus on developing and growing your top talent


If you want to invest in your people and your future leaders or want to invest in your own career we can provide structured and tailored development assessments and plans to give you what you need to understand your edges and what might be holding you back and how to boost your performance.

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